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The ROC Report #3

Posted on August 9, 2012 at 5:45 PM

AUGUST 9, 2012


I received a lovely note from an elderly lady in Rifle this week encouraging us in the work we are doing at The ROC. She said that she had been a Christian since 23 years of age but had only become a servant of the Lord for the last seven years. (I thought that was a wonderful insight for all of us to think about.) She is in poor health but she petitions the Lord that she be able to recover enough to again serve Christ in a physical and tangible way, perhaps even participating in the ROC as a volunteer. Though she is living on only $7,300 a year she is tithing to her church and has committed to give $10 a month to The ROC. She closes with, “Remember me in your prayers.” I do and I hope you all will. I thank her for this inspiration.


Also, thank you for the support we are receiving from some of you. God reminds us that great rivers are only a collection of tiny raindrops that are flowing in the same direction. That kind of fits with our motto: Working together to help each other.


Still waiting on the government to send us our non-profit number but people who have been there tell us this is what it’s like. Yet we are eager to get it to we can start soliciting businesses. No worries; God’s timing is always perfect!


I made a presentation to the Rifle Assemblies of God Church this month explaining what we do, how we could help their church with its mission and how they might help us with contributions and volunteers. I closed with the song “People Need the Lord.” We were very well received by these kind folks. Jeanne and Kim met with people in the lobby after the service answering questions and signing up volunteers. A couple of people want to help by buying a tank of gas for people who need to get to work or medical appointments, etc. Also by offering to prepare a meal or fix what needs fixing at a single mothers’ or seniors’ home. I’m trying to line up more Sunday morning meetings with churches.


We bought a tank of gas for a veteran who needed to go to Grand Junction for a medical appointment. We also arranged for Xcel Energy to turn the electricity back on in the apartment of a single mom with three small children in Rifle. With no support from the father and working every job she could she still got behind enough that they shut her electricity off. Working with three different agencies I was able to put enough money together to get her A/C back on during this terrible heat wave.


I transported a mother to the Rifle Community Service Center to get school clothing and school supplies for her high school daughter. And we’re seeking volunteers to help paint the outside of the house and do yard clean up for a blind elderly lady in Rifle within the next two weeks.


Jeanne and I are continuing to apply for local grants being made available for organizations that do community service work. So we are hopeful but these things take their time as well.


God is good and is leading the way. I just we could help everyone who calls with a legitimate need but the resources all over the community are stretched. We know that “people need the Lord” but we are praying for the economy as well for people need jobs too.


Thanks for checking in. Click the “join” tab in the “Members” section and let us know you’re listening in, won’t you.




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